Wednesday 29th of March, 2017


Year 10 Council meeting
Board room (Tue 4 Apr - 8.50am)
Year 10
Year 10 class reps for student class please go to the board room on Tuesday period 1. Be ready with your feedback and ideas from your Whanau class.
Year 10 Dean, Mrs Forrest
Hiragana written
H9 (Wed 29 Mar)
Year 9
Dallas Boynton-Rameka Zandrier Brown,Boston Curran, Bryce Dobson, Joel Holland-Prestidge, Lewis Minogue and Hinetai Moeke please come to do your Hiragana test at lunchtime today. Year 9 - 83 line also your resit is at lunch time today.
Geo/Bio assessment
N16 (Wed 29 Mar)
Year 12
Any Y12 Bio student who would like some assistance with the Geo part of the report are welcome to come along to N16 today at lunchtime for a Geo tutorial. See you then.
Pause Prompt Praise
Library (Wed 29 Mar - whanau time)
Morena koutou. Just a reminder for all students involved to come to PPP at the beginning of period 2.
Girls Hockey
Taupo Hockey Turf (Thu 30 Mar)
THE NEW TURF IS READY!! Trials will definitely be Thursday 4-6pm.
11-1 with AFO
F1 (Wed 29 Mar)
Year 11
If you were away last week (WK8) and missed watching all of/part of The Breakfast Club in preparation for our Connections Internal, there will be a re-screening in F1 at lunchtime Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime (28th/29th March). Bring your notes organiser and lunch.
Blue Light Life Skills Course
Deans (Fri 24 Mar)
The camp is five days long, where students are immediately placed under the guidance of the Defence Force personnel. All students stay on site for the week and undergo various activities, duties and challenges .
The camps are ideally suited for young people who may be looking at a possible career in the Armed Services or Police. It would also suit young people who like challenges and can handle the demands of what the camp offers. At times it can be very physical but also rewarding. It teaches young people about respect, self-discipline, team work, leadership and many other characters that they as individuals will face as they mature. The course also offers students the opportunity to earn up to 12 NCEA credits. Level 1, 4 credits, Level 2, 8 credits. The course is open to all students aged 14 to 17 years of age and must be physically fit and healthy to attend. Cost $500.

If this sounds like you come and pick up an application form from the Year 11 Dean.

General Notices

DOE Service
There is an excellent opportunity each week for a student to assist in setting up the seats for assembly. This would count as weekly service. If you are interested please see Mrs Ronke
Softball volunteers
Year 9
Can the following students come to the sports office in the gym at the beginning of interval Wednesday - Odelia Nortje, Holly Yeoman, Thomas Gidlow, Daniel Gidlow, Tahu Ngamotu, Kate Jackson, Taine Hakiwai, and Ida Dance.
BOP/Waikato Athletes
Please return the 2 outstanding track tops to Mr Ball. If they are not washed and returned by the end of the week I will need to put the cost onto your account!
Event coming up on the 7th of April - see Ms Stewart in the sports office today if you are entering
Year 13
Due to the early closing of school on Friday there will be no Ball Committee meeting. Sub-committees just carry on with your planning and development. Please see Mrs Grant if you need help.
Sit at the front of Assembly - Thursday
Can the following students please sit at the front of assembly:

Julia Davis, Amber Lafferty, Abigail Fox, Amelia Jensen, Matthew Stokes, Josh Yeoman, Sam Yeoman, Hannah Kilmister, Ivan Abele, Olivia Hilton, Brianna Hilton, Hannah Howell, Sophie Howell, Alex Brackenbury, Ben Raven, Jeremy Stokes, Joep Lenior.

Joshua Buckton, Shayna Nash, Riley Knox, Louis Wyatt.
Y11 - Matt Connon
Y13 - Georgia Crabb, Chartlotte Forsyth, Chloe French, Summar Gradwell, Annahlise Hall, Connor Harrison, Chloe French, Bradley Martin, Tegan McKenna, Islay Mowat, Camryn Nel, Aimee Nicol, Brooke Parkinson, Xanthe Sando, Hannah Wilks, Arnalise Wyllie.
Friday Buses
Buses depart the same time and place as usual on Friday.
Rugby 1st XV Kit
If you have jersey no 6, 13 or 22 and shorts at home please urgently drop them to the college office for the McQuilkin cup this week.
Scholarship PE Students
Year 13
Students who are interested in Scholarship PE this year, please meet in H4 at interval on Wednesday this week.
Bus Students
All students must stay on the footpath when leaving the school grounds at the end of the day. Students must remain on the footpath both before entering the bus and after exiting. At NO time is the road to be used as a walkway.
Year 13
Local Fruit and Vege supplier needs a strong fit person for making up orders and assisting with deliveries on weekends and school holidays.
Please see Mrs Grant for contact details.